PATRICK: ‘EVERYONE IS A TARGETED VOTER’ — The first-ever all-virtual Democratic National Convention comes to a close tonight. Nominee Joe Biden will deliver remarks, following a week of speeches from the party’s stars including vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, former President Barack Obama and home state Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who delivered her address from a childcare center in Springfield on Wednesday evening.

It’s been eight years since Deval Patrick delivered his memorable speech at the 2012 convention. I spoke with the former governor and 2020 presidential candidate this week about the convention and the direction of Democratic politics. Patrick is co-chair of a joint effort by the Unite the Country and American Bridge 21st Century super PACs to boost Biden, and he supports Democratic candidates through his TogetherFund PAC, which launched earlier this year.

Ahead of the November election, the party has to reject the habit of campaigning to its base and bring people together, Patrick told me. Democrats should be careful to avoid alienating voters who backed President Donald Trump in 2016 but are considering voting for Biden this time around, he added. The convention has made a clear effort to appeal to voters in swing states like Pennsylvania this week, where 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton lost.

“Everyone is a targeted voter, if you will, and everybody matters. And I think that’s important. You know, we have a bad habit in politics, I think, when people talk to people who already agree with them. And in the case of Donald Trump, he seems to be interested only in governing people who already agree with him,” Patrick said.

“It is a really important contrast for this convention to show that Democrats are interested, not just in getting these jobs, and that job of the presidency in particular, but actually doing it and that means paying attention to everybody,” he continued.

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