An edgy new national billboard campaign is using hip-hop and punk street team tactics, and original artwork from Shepard Fairey and other prominent counterculture artists, to inspire and energize voters in Black, Latinx and youth-heavy neighborhoods in advance of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Co-founded by a veteran of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, Remember What They Did has teamed with Third Man Records in Detroit — as well as grassroots artists and activists across the country, including former Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan — for an in-your-face blitz that aims to shock while getting out the vote.

“Door-to-door canvassing doesn’t make sense during COVID, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t out delivering groceries to family members or getting gas,” says Scott Goodstein, who worked on the 2008 presidential campaign of Pres. Obama and the 2016 presidential campaign by Sen. Bernie Sanders. “So it was the perfect time to target specific neighborhoods with shocking, eye-opening art that will have some real facts.”

“We wanted to make sure we did not leave any stone unturned and reached out to every voter, because the mistake we make over and over is assuming the Democratic base will come out and vote,” he continues, citing statistics from the 2016 presidential race. In that election, vote turnout dropped 5% from Obama to candidate Hillary Clinton and the overall enthusiasm of Black voters was down between 7-20% in a range of states, age and population demos.

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